Belize Investment Properties

The sun-drenched tropical paradise of Belize has a lot of investment opportunities to offer those looking to relax and unwind. This small Latin American nation welcomes more visitors each day with an influx of retirees, investors, and expatriates looking to purchase Belize investment properties. If you are one of the many who see the abundance of opportunity Belize offers for investors, the next step is to find where to buy? One of the most popular destinations in Belize for foreign property buyers is the island of Ambergris Caye. Ambergris Caye is not only one of Belize’s top destinations, it is also the fastest growing area of Belize with a lot of attention being drawn to the islands north portion and the Belize Secret Beach area.

Belize Real Estate Opportunities

A veritable sanctuary for portfolio diversification, Ambergris Caye is the perfect location for real estate investors. There is endless properties and land waiting to be developed and everything in Ambergris Caye is diversified; a fact that will make sure that your portfolio is complex and varied. Ambergris Caye has opportunities such as dream vacation homes, beachfront condos, rental properties and more. The real estate investment opportunities in Belize are also backed by a strong democratic system and favorable foreign tax benefits. to learn more about the Belize real estate opportunities contact Will Mitchell at Belize Secret Beach.

Investing in Belize Real Estate

The decision to re-direct the hard earned money that you have accumulated over the years into Belize investment properties can be scary to a first-time investor. But the choice could ultimately be one of the smartest and most financially secure investment decisions you can make. As part of the British Commonwealth, conducting business in Belize is very similar to laws and procedures in the United States and Canada.  Belize is an English speaking nation, it is conflict-free, and the government has gone out of its way to make the environment as conducive to investors as possible.

International entrepreneurs and business people are attracted to Belize for 3 main reasons:

The stability of the nation: Belize is a country that has enjoyed years of democratic tradition and stability in all areas whether political or economic. Case in point, Belize enjoys an independent judiciary and the exchange rate has remained fixed for 25 years.

Return on investments: Anyone that invests in Belize investment properties is almost assured of a return on investment. The flexible financial incentives and concessions, the export processing zones and the capacity to repatriate profits and dividends easily is a huge selling point for many.

Livability: Belize has a tropical climate, beautiful unsullied beaches, and a spectacular barrier reef with an equally spectacular marine life- what’s not to love?

Buying Belize Investment Property

When foreigners invest in property in Belize, they share the same rights as the locals. Many other Central American countries only allow you to leasehold, rather than freehold your property. Freehold means that anyone that buys land in Belize can do as they please with it whether they want to lease it, leave in it or bequeath it.

Belize Real Estate For Retirement

The Qualified Retired Persons Incentive Act of 1999 offers retirees from around the world a chance to own property and retire in Belize. Anyone covered by the Act does not pay income tax in the property.


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