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Making the decision to invest in Belize may be one of the smartest and simplest Real Estate decisions you will make. Belize, in particular, Ambergris Caye is becoming one of the fastest developed and most popular destinations in the Caribbean. Belize is a British Commonwealth country making not only Real Estate but business as a whole much easier. The primary language in Belize is English, while the nation enjoys a modern and conflict-free democratic political environment. Real Estate and business in Belize is open and the opportunities for growth go far beyond the real estate market and the influx of tourism.

Palm Gardens Lots

$35,000 USD

  • 60 ft x 75 ft

If you are looking for an affordable way to invest in Belize consider buying lots at Palm Gardens. The lots are 60 feet x 75 feet and offer the property owner full freedom to build when they see fit, if at all. Many people in the area build or choose to just hold onto the lot until appreciation. The lots provide an affordable investment vehicle in the high demand Secret Beach area.

South Ambergris Village Lots

$150,000 USD

  • 50 ft x 75 ft

South Ambergris Village features premier luxury properties that are waterfront with Caribbean ocean access. For the first time, private investors and expats can own their very own lot in this master-planned development community. With over 20 Commercial Businesses already operational and a thriving community, this project has become a perfect fit for investors and expats alike! South Ambergris Village is located on Belize’s most popular island, Ambergris Caye.

Mahogany Bay Village Properties

$265,000 USD

  •  2 Bed
  •  1 Bath
  •  600 sq/ft

Mahogany Bay Village is the largest hotel/resort in Belize. Mahogany Bay Village has a branded Hilton Hotel inside the gated community subdivision. The Mahogany Bay Village development has 23 commercial businesses that are already fully operational. Lots in the subdivision of Mahogany Bay Village start at $149,000 with financing options available. Mahogany Bay Village is a master planned community that is coastal living approved.

Secret Beach 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Home

$120,000 USD

  •  2 Bed
  •  1 Bath
  •  600 sq/ft

The houses at Palm Garden are some of the most cost effective ways to enter the San Pedro and Ambergris Caye market. With the upside of all the future growth that is currently underway in the Secret Beach area, the access to the beautiful beaches and bars just a short distance away you find the perfect union of personal use and enjoyment with substantial equity appreciation. With a simple design that maximizes space and efficiency, these Belizean hardwood homes are the perfect space for you Belizean get away property.

Ambergris Woods Lots

$45,500 USD

  • 65 ft x 85 ft

Ambergris Woods lots have a close proximity to the ocean and the highly Secret Beach which has been a hot spot for growth and development. The Ambergris Woods lots are slightly larger than the area’s standard lots. Ambergris Woods also has a water feature in the middle of the subdivision, further adding to the property value. Ambergris Woods lots are 65 feet x 85 feet and offer the property owner full freedom to build when they want.

Grand Mayan Lots

$51,000 USD

  • 75 ft x 75 ft

The lots at Grand Mayan are mostly sold, but two lots are still available. Grand Mayan is popular for investors as the lots are 50% larger than the standard lots available in San Pedro. The lots at Grand Mayan provide the property owner the freedom to develop the land when they choose to. The lots yield high potential returns for the property owners as they are larger than other lots in the area. The lots are 75 feet x 75 feet.


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