Belize Tax Incentives For Foreign Investors

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If you’re interested in investing in property in the beautiful country of Belize but have been on the fence about actually committing to it, you’ll be happy to hear that you’ll get a few tax incentives for a piece of paradise! Having a property in Belize can provide you with great tax write-offs that will help you come tax season, while also allowing you to enjoy paradise with your own property in Belize.


No Estate Taxes

Belize does not have estate taxes or capital gains taxes, which is perfect for foreign investors in the U.S. Belize is the perfect tax haven for foreign investors, which is a huge reason for you to finally pull the trigger and buy investment property in Belize. Plus, the country also offers lots of other incentives for foreign property investors, which only adds to the appeal of properties in the region.

Investors can thank the Belize Fiscal Incentives Act of 1990 for this tax incentive! Under this act, interested investors can look to the Belize government for approval for a “tax holiday” up to 15 years. And some might be able to be exempt from income tax under the act. Plus, investors that register with the Central Bank of Belize can repatriate almost 100% of all of their profits and investment.

Belize’s government is all about foreign investors and welcomes them with even more incentives for companies looking to do a joint venture with some of the country’s local entities.  But it doesn’t matter if you invest in Belize for commercial or residential real estate endeavors since the land your purchase in the region is 100% yours no matter what.


Owning Property In Belize As A Foreign Investor

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to buy a property that’s already built or build one yourself, being an investor in Belize’s real estate market will benefit your taxes and your vacation plans. So take advantage of all the tax incentives that Belize offers foreign investors and look for your dream investment property in paradise.

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