Belize Vacation Properties

Belize, which is known for its warm weather, stunning beaches, and spectacular marine wildlife, also features an abundance of Belize vacation properties waiting to be developed or purchased. From oceanfront apartments to bungalows that are situated off the beaten path at the heart of the jungle, there is a property type for every kind of investor and traveler.

Belize offers an opportunity for individuals to own luxurious real estate that is located centrally at a reasonable price. Unlike other countries in the Central American region, Belize offers numerous benefits that set it apart, in as far as amenities and incentives, for people looking to invest.

Ambergris Caye Island Paradise

Although the island paradise of Belize requires some planning to get to, it is characterized by so many additional attributes that make it the perfect destination whether you are looking to visit or own property. Some of the natural attributes that Belize boasts is an extensive shoreline that opens up to many other inhabitable cayes. Though remote, there are plans in place for infrastructure on the island to support and international airport.

Since Ambergris Caye has undergone immense growth in the past years, it has seen a rise of new oceanfront condos and houses that are available at affordable rates. Ambergris Caye real estate features numerous vacation property options for those interested in getting away or finding a permanent home to relax as they enjoy the splendor of the island.

Expats have long sought property in Ambergris Caye, as well as the small surrounding island because it is home to some of the most impressive oceanfront real estate in the world. The options available are wide ranging from luxurious homes and beachside rental to spectacular cottages that are tucked away so that you can enjoy some privacy. Ambergris Caye also has an array of commercial properties that can be an ideal source of income for anyone that chooses to settle down.

San Pedro Properties in Belize

Although Ambergris is popular with people looking for luxury property, it is not the only attraction in town. San Pedro Town, the capital, also has a wealth of property for investors to look at, many of which are more reasonably priced than some of the property options in Ambergris Caye.

If you are interested in all the components of beach living including fishing, swimming, boating or just relaxing under the sun, then owning property in San Pedro might be more your speed. Fortunately, there are plenty of inexpensive houses for sale and rent so there is something that can meet your needs and budget. Of course, there are plenty more investment options further inland particularly if you want to be closer to some of Belize’s most important sites such as the jungle and the Mayan Ruins.


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