Learn About Lots Available At Belize Secret Beach For $3,000 Down

 In Belize Secret Beach

It seems like every week there are new progressions taking place in the Secret Beach area of Ambergris Caye, Belize. For those of you who don’t know, Secret Beach has seen a growth in popularity over the past year for its peaceful ocean views, sandy beaches & calm culture. As result, many commercial businesses are opening up in the area catering to the new infrastructure and tourism boom, this is leading to new investors (including myself) developing in the area. For me, I’ve chosen to develop a number of small houses on my lots which I will rent to capitalize on the areas growing demand while holding during the years of property appreciation.

A lot of the Secret Beach investors are choosing to buy and hold the lots and capitalize on the lot appreciation. Whether you choose to build or hold out for property appreciation, both strategies work. As the famous saying goes, “A rising tide floats all boats”. The area that I personally choose to invest in has 4 lots that are still available and here are the facts in a nutshell:

1) Lots measure 60′ x 75′ (4500 square feet) and are on solid ground with bedrock roughly 4 to 10 feet below the surface. Something I found was perfect when developing my homes.
2) Located just a few minutes East of Secret Beach and a roughly 17-minute golf cart ride from San Pedro Town.
3) Limited time seller financing available. Lots starting at $3,000 down. 

Secret Beach lots at Palm Gardens have been selling quickly, with only a limited number of lots available.

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