Advantages to Owning Belize Property in an IBC

 In Belize

An IBC is an International Business Company. It’s similar to an LLC or Corporation in US or Canada. An IBC operates in foreign markets as an international entity. When you purchase a property in Belize using an IBC, you own the IBC and the IBC owns the property with a fee simple title.

The advantages are;

  1.  Tax optimization as you don’t have to pay stamp or transfer tax.
  2. Asset protection
  3. Improved liquidity
  4. Faster transfer of ownership

When you pay off the balance on the land, you have the option to keep the property in the IBC or have it transferred to your personal name. That being said, I always suggest clients (especially foreigners) either buy a property in an IBC or have the property moved to an IBC. Properties that are not held in an IBC will have to pay 8% stamp and transfer tax. When the property is in an IBC the buyer pays $0 stamp or transfer tax.

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