Advantages to Owning Belize Property in an IBC

An IBC is an International Business Company. It’s similar to an LLC or Corporation in US or Canada. An IBC operates in foreign markets as an international entity. When you purchase a property in [...]

Real Estate Transaction Growth in Belize 2019 to 2021

While there is no nationwide MLS for Belize to track sales data, RE/MAX is the largest real estate company in Belize with 75 agents in 9 offices, and I am pleased to share the stats for RE/MAX [...]

Owning a Home vs Owning a Condo in Belize

In Belize, generally, people have the choice between buying a condo within a development, buying land to build, or securing a single-family home. When it comes to buying an investment property in [...]

Exodus of Americans to Belize

No matter who wins the election, the events of 2020 have led many to rethink their lives and where in the world would provide the best future. This is shown by the recent migration stats.  [...]

What to Know When Belize Reopens Tourism August 15

The government of Belize has started its reopening strategy as the International Airport will reopen on August 15, 2020. On that date, the open entry will apply for chartered flights, private [...]

Belize: The First Country in the Americas that is COVID-19 Free

Belize was luckily the last country in the Americas to report its first coronavirus case on March 23, 2020. What is even more impressive is that Belize is also the first country in the Americas [...]