Caye Caulker Real Estate

Caye Caulker is one of the best places for a kickback Caribbean lifestyle. Located off the coast of mainland Belize is one of the most stunning islands in the Caribbean. It is a five-mile-long Caye Caulker. It is 30 minutes by boat from the more famous Ambergris Caye, the bigger island. It is just as beautiful and maybe has, even more, to offer considering the low population on the island. There is an untold ‘go slow’ pace of life on Caye Caulker. If you are looking for a laid-back life by the beach, Caye Caulker real estate is what you are looking for.

Caye Caulker Has A Laid Back Setting

Caye Caulker is only 30 minutes by boat from Ambergris Caye and 45 from the mainland, yet it feels like a remote island in the middle of the ocean. The village has three streets; Front Street, Middle Street, and Back Street. There are no trucks or cars, only bicycles and golf carts.  Most people on the island prefer walking. There are a few B&Bs, bars and cafes to cater to the tourists who come here mainly for water sports. The Belize barrier reef is a huge attraction for divers and snorkelers, who come here for the stunning underwater views of hundreds of thousands of marine species. There are also a good number of artists and writers who find the island setting inspiring.

Caye Caulker Simple Lifestyle

Caye Caulker is the place you would choose for a laid-back retirement life. There are actually a good number of expat retirees on the island who have been attracted by the island’s sedate lifestyle. It is common to see seniors walking, biking, and jogging on the beach. Unlike Ambergris Caye, life here is a bit cheaper. The only significant costs would be rent and travel to and from the mainland or Ambergris. A roundtrip air ticket will cost $85 to Belize Municipal airport. But a water taxi will cost $25. Expats are surprised to see that they can spend as little as $1500 per month including rent. Rent for a furnished one-bedroom apartment is around $700. Eating out is cheap with burritos costing $1.50, tacos at 50 cents and $10 pizza. There is also plenty of affordable seafood courtesy of the many anglers and fishermen on the island. If you decide to retire in a tropical setting, there is the Qualified Retirement Program which allows people over 45 years to bring in duty-free items including cars, boats and even airplanes.

Buying Caye Caulker Real Estate

Caye Caulker, real estate properties, are no doubt some of the most affordable high value in the Caribbean. A 1,000 sq. ft., 2-bedroom beachfront condo is costing around $275,000. 2nd-row properties will go for $50,000-100,000. Lower priced properties can be found inland for as low as $45,000. As one of the least crowded places in the Caribbean, Caye Caulker offers one of the best opportunities for a laidback coastal lifestyle.


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