What it’s Like to Live in Belize as Opposed to the USA or Canada

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Belize is a tropical destination in Central America made up of the mainland and numerous islands. The country has the Caribbean ocean that makes it one of the most stunning, and gorgeous places on Earth. The landscape of Belize is diverse, from the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters to the mountainous terrain.

Belize is a tropical paradise unlike any other on the planet. Because of this, many expats and retirees are flooding to Belize for a low cost of living and stunning landscape. Simply put, in Belize, you can live like a king for very little cost.

Though, how does life in Belize compare to those who come from the USA or Canada? Let’s do a quick comparison.


Society in Belize is less materialistic

Simply put, the people of Belize are far less focused on material things than those of the USA or Canada. This is even more visible on the island of Ambergris Caye where the primary form of transportation is a golf cart. The people in Belize are kind-hearted, and simple in the way that they see the world. Because of this, many locals simply prefer to live at their means, and not in abundant extravagance. In addition, the cost of living in Belize is very low when compared to the USA or Canada. This means you will find yourself thinking about money far less than you would back home.


Life moves at a slower pace

One thing expats and retirees from up north will notice is the pace of daily life is much slower. Of course, people in Belize have jobs, and careers; however, they do not seem to let them dictate their lives. The culture of Belize is one that values experiences, over social status. This means that many people have a more relaxed outlook on life, and don’t try to rush anywhere. This can be a wonderful break from the hustle and bustle of North American lifestyles.


The Infrastructure is Much More Eco-Friendly

In Belize, the public transport infrastructure is much more accessible than in many places in the USA or Canada. This means that daily commutes consist of far fewer cars, and more bicycles, golf carts, and mopeds. Belize is also very proactive in its environmental policies, the country has banned off-shore drilling, put in policies to protect the reef, and is in the process of banning all single-use plastics. Belize has also dedicated 46% of the land to the national park and/or marine reserve. Another key component of Belize is the low population density, which is the lowest in Latin America and one of the lowest in the world. Belize has an estimated population of 397,628 (2019). With 8,800 square miles of land, this gives Belize a population density of just 37 people per square mile.

Because of the low population density and the fact that most of the country is yet to see industrialization the overall daily commute in Belize feels far less ‘busy’ and hectic.


Goods & Services Are Much Cheaper

Going back to the cost of living, you will notice that when you are in Belize almost everything is cheaper than in the USA and Canada. Things like going out for drinks, dinner, even grocery shopping will come with a considerably lower price tag. This means that expats, retirees and people moving here will be able to go out and enjoy themselves far more often, without worrying about blowing through their savings.


What it’s Like to Live in Belize as Opposed to the USA or Canada

Life in Belize is a welcome relief to many who are from the chaos of the USA and Canada. The people of Belize are charming, welcoming, and relaxed in almost every area of life. In addition, the reduction in daily costs is a huge factor when considering Belize as your future home in retirement, or otherwise.

One key advantage of Belize is that the country is English speaking, making the adjustment much easier. This makes dealing with doctors, lawyers, waiters, etc. much easier for people moving from Canada and the US.

If you are looking for a place to settle down that is inexpensive, relaxed, charming, and visually stunning, then Belize is the perfect country for you. You can live the beachfront life without the need for millions in the bank, or stress on your mind.

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