Exodus of Americans to Belize

 In Belize, Moving To Belize

No matter who wins the election, the events of 2020 have led many to rethink their lives and where in the world would provide the best future. This is shown by the recent migration stats. 

Americans are leaving the country or seeking foreign visas in record numbers, according to immigration lawyers and expatriate organizations, during a year of political uncertainty, violence, racial strife, and an uncontrolled pandemic that has kept families locked in their homes for months — with no clear end in sight.

Vows to flee the country amid contentious elections are not new among American voters (from both sides). But 2020 has been an outlier, with unprecedented numbers of Americans not only inquiring but also following through on that pledge and taking the steps to leave. 

The number of Americans who were recorded as having given up their citizenship or U.S. residency soared to 5,816 in the first six months of 2020, compared with 2,072 in all of 2019, according to data from the Internal Revenue Service. 

Dan Prescher, the senior editor of Internationalliving.com, said traffic related to “how to move out of the U.S.” has surged 1,676 percent over the past five months. 

“Quieter, more stable countries start to look appealing,” he said. 

The exodus has been led by not only baby boomer ex-pats but also young professionals looking for an opportunity and parents looking for countries with open and safe schools that provide futures for their children. No matter the age, the group largely consists of Americans with financial means and the ability to work virtually, or are in a position to relocate. 


Why are people leaving?

The U.S. State Department reported last April that there are a record 8.7 million Americans live abroad.  This number alone speaks for itself – never before has such a large group of U.S.-born citizens lived abroad. With the constant reminder that, unfortunately, the country we were born in doesn’t have our best interest in mind, they’ve decided that it’s time for a change, to move to a new location where they are able to not just survive but thrive. 

People’s motives for leaving or seeking relocation differ. But overall, the objective is a better life and a more promising future. The IMMI Group analyzed the top 10 motives for leaving the US, the list includes;

  • Money
  • Cost of healthcare
  • Taxes
  • Racism
  • Freedom


Why People Are Looking at Belize & Ambergris Caye

  • Safety
  • Tax protection
  • Accepting of new residence from the US
  • Stable political climate
  • Affordability
  • English speaking
  • Schools & education
  • Racial and cultural diversity and acceptance
  • Currency pegged 2:1 with USD
  • Climate
  • Opportunities and room to grow
  • Freedom!


Many countries have restricted access to Americans because of high coronavirus infection rates, which makes travel and relocation more difficult. Not Belize, right now Belize is open and accepting US tourists and citizens. Our international airport is open and visitors need to either come with a negative PCR test or get a rapid test at the airport. Belize is a small country that is pro foreign investment with a small population. The country’s agricultural independence and desirable climate make it one of the top destinations for Americans seeking relocation. 

There are many other thriving places to make a life. The pandemic may end, but what will the state of the world look like once the dust settles? This has led to many people seeking a brighter tomorrow, a life that provides the freedom, safety, security and support that once made America Great!

Regardless of your political stance, would you rather survive in the cold uncertainty of a falling empire, or thrive on a beach with a prosperous future?

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