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Are you planning to buy a house, condo or land in Belize? You’re no doubt concerned about the medical care in Belize. Is it as good what you we have back home in the US, Canada or the UK? 

Well, not exactly, Belize is a developing country after all. But the medical care delivery system in Belize is much better than that in the rest of the Caribbean and Central America.

Belize has many highly quality private hospitals and medical facilities. The government-owned healthcare facilities are not bad either. 


Medical Tourism in Belize

Belize offers medical facilities of a reasonable quality at low prices. This makes it a very good medical tourism destination. 

For example, dental care in Belize is of a very high quality, mainly because most of the dentists here are trained in the U.S. 

Also, the cost of dental care is a fraction of that in the U.S.A dental filling in Belize costs $40, and a crown only $350 – less than half of the comparable costs in the U.S. 

A private hospital room costs $250 a night in Belize, compared to $500 a night in the United States. 

Of course, it is important to temper your expectations a bit. Belize has a population of 395,000 and the majority of the people here live in poverty. So it is never going to be like the U.S. or Canada. 

You won’t find a single level one trauma center in Belize, for example. You should make sure to have adequate medical coverage before moving to Belize. 

Regardless, there are many high-quality dental clinics, private clinics, lab and diagnostic facilities here such as the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. 


Cancer Treatment In Belize

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many hospitals in Belize that offer high-quality treatment for cancer. There isn’t even one proper medical clinic that provides radiation therapy. 

An American oncologist by the name of Dr. Ellsworth Grant runs a small cancer clinic in a place called Dangriga. He mainly serves the poor and the underprivileged and provides high-quality treatment for them for free or low rates. 


 Which are the Best Hospitals in Belize?

There are four major hospitals in Belize that have a combined total of 700 beds. 

  • The Western Regional Hospital in Belmopan 
  • Southern Regional Hospital in Dangriga
  • The Northern Regional Hospital in Orange Walk Town
  • Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital

 Apart from the four mentioned above, there are a number of small medical clinics spread across the country. 


How good are the doctors and dentists in Belize?

The local doctors and dentists are all trained abroad. Many undergo training through scholarship programs in American or British medical colleges. Those who can’t make it to the US and the UK, learn medicine from colleges in Cuba, Mexico and Guatemala. 

The doctors and dentists in Belize are very hard working, caring and eager to impress. Are they the best in the world? No, perhaps not. But you can count on them to give you their 100% attention and do their best.  

If you have any questions on Medical Care in Belize or need help with buying property in Belize, do get in touch with WILL MITCHELL of REMAX Belize Secret Beach

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