Secret Beach Belize Real Estate

Do you often wish that you could own a Beach Front property and spend your evenings watching the sunset by the beach? Belize is the undiscovered tropical paradise where your dreams can come true. Located on the East Coast of Central America, Belize has the lowest population density in the Americas. The 291 km coastline offers plenty of real estate acreage at affordable prices. One of these is Belize Secret Real Estate on Ambergris Caye.

Belize Beach Front Property

Prime Beach Front properties start at $135,000 at Ambergris Caye beach. This is a steal compared to the properties on the East side of the beach which are going for $295,000. This is still a huge bargain compared to prices in other popular Caribbean spots like Montego Bay in Jamaica where prices start at $1.6 million. For even more affordable property, check out the 2nd row from the beach. The parcels here are bigger, measuring 111 feet long and 70 feet wide. There is an access road that is 50′ wide.  The good thing is that even 2nd row properties have very large direct, unobstructed view corridors to the beach and Ambergris Bay. This area overlooks the pristine clear waters of Ambergris Bay giving it the feel of a remote, adventurous setting.  If you want more action, you will find it in larger east side resorts. There is also San Pedro town just 10-20 minutes away by an easy ride on a golf cart. The good thing is that all beaches in Belize are open to the public, so 2nd-row property owners have the same rights as front row owners. Each parcel of this property has a free and clear title, which is held in a simple corporation for easy transfer. You can make a choice between using the corporation or your personal names to take the title.

Belize Secret Beach Land

If you are not looking to settle away from your home soon, this could be an optimal investment idea. You could hold on to it as prices are surely going to rise very fast in the near future. You could also build a vacation home and rent it out while you are not using it. There are a number of Secret Beach Belize Lots available and undeveloped land in the region.

Why Belize Secret Beach Real Estate?

You will get a living experience that matches living in other prime beach areas in the Caribbean:

  • See the beach direct from your deck. Enjoy your coffee in the morning watching the sunrise from the sea.
  • Take a dip in the sea that is only 150 feet away from your front door
  • Fish your food direct from the sea along miles of unpolluted coastline
  • Bragging rights as a property owner in the Caribbean


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