Banking in Belize with Luigi Wewege at Caye International Bank

 In Belize Real Estate

I often get asked questions about banking in Belize, the currency, and how the system works. I turned to Luigi Wewege the Senior VP and Head of Private Banking at Caye International Bank (the only international bank on Ambergris Caye). Check out the video interview for answers to a number of frequently asked questions about Belize banking.



There are a number of key takeaways from the video.

  1. The Belize Local Currency is Pegged 2:1 with USD
  2. Real Estate in Belize is listed in USD
  3. Caye International Bank deals in a number of currencies; USD, CAD, Pounds, Swiss Francs, Euros.
  4. Belize Maintains a 24% Banking Reserve (4 or 5 times higher than banks in North America)
  5. Bank Secrecy Act
  6. Belize allows for full foreign ownership with Fee Simple Title
  7. Process of opening an account
  8. Can open an account without being in Belize


If you have any questions regarding Banking in Belize email Luigi at

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