Discovering San Pedro Town

 In Ambergris Caye, San Pedro

San Pedro Town is one of the most popular destinations in Belize as well as the primary focus for visitors to the island Ambergris Caye. San Pedro Town is highly popular with new tourists, seasoned travelers, retirees and locals who want to enjoy the very best that Ambergris Caye has to offer.

Most of San Pedro’s 35,000 locals live in or close by San Pedro Town, which makes it one of the most popular destinations in the entire area. The area becomes even more inhabited during the tourist seasons when people from around the world flock to San Pedro Town to visit the beaches, take in the sights, and generally have a great time on vacation.


What to Do in San Pedro

San Pedro Town used to be a quiet, unassuming sleepy fishing village, which led to a lot of the development taking place on the East Coats near the “Belize Barrier Reef“; today, however, it is a highly popular area for tourists, who are the primary source of financial revenue for the local economy. Sportfishing and diving are popular attractions for tourists, but the primary draw for people who want to explore San Pedro Town is the unique local atmosphere that simply can’t be replicated anywhere else.

In San Pedro Town, visitors can view colorful, unique looking architecture and homes on sand-strewn streets that are backed by a stunning view of the oceans. For many visitors, San Pedro Town harkens back to a bygone area when times were simpler, and vacation destinations were more quaint and charming. Visitors can stay in a variety of accommodations, ranging from luxury hotels to bungalow-style resorts to modest guesthouses and everything in between. Unlike other tourist-heavy areas, San Pedro Town still retains its old school charm, and it is highly popular among travelers who want unique and “authentic” experiences rather than experiences where they stay in franchise hotel chains and eat at chain restaurants.

Visitors who want to look for things to do just outside of San Pedro Town are just 15 minutes away from Mayan ruins and other activities and adventures available in Belize and around the island of Ambergris Caye.

Visitors to San Pedro Town should expect comfortable weather that typically reaches the mid-80s; the winter months are slightly cooler but not by much, and there is often a gentle island breeze that brings the temperature down a few notches in the evening.


How to Get to San Pedro

Getting to San Pedro Town can be achieved by first flying to the international airport in Belize City. From there, a local flight can be taken which will take about 15 minute’s total, these small charter planes are operated primarily through Tropic Air and Mayan Air. People can also catch a sea boat that runs frequently and provides transportation between Belize City and San Pedro. When visitors arrive in San Pedro they can get around by walking, biking, golf carts or with motor vehicles on paved roads. One of the charming attractions to San Pedro is the local transportation, the most common means of getting around is by golf cart, with very few full-size vehicles.


The San Pedro Difference

Visitors to San Pedro Town will notice right away that despite its reputation as a tourist destination, San Pedro Town is unlike any other tourist destination in the area. There aren’t rows of high rise hotels or throngs of tourists pushing their way through city streets. The atmosphere is laid back, the hotels and accommodations are low-rises and unassuming, and everything is generally calm and laid back. People get around by walking, biking or even riding golf carts. Locals and tourists alike frequently walk along the beach to take in the sights and sounds while enjoying a nice breeze—aka, the hallmark of a visit to unique San Pedro Town.


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