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Ambergris Caye is in the Caribbean Sea and the largest island of Belize. The island is geographically contiguous to Mexico, but my stroke of providence and the Maya intervention at dredging and expanding the north canal end of the Caye brought it under Belize rule. San Pedro Town is the largest town of Ambergris Caye with an estimated population of 13,381.

Ambergris Caye got shot to limelight in early 1970 when it opens its doors to tourists and played host to season one of Fox’s Temptation Island in 2000 and aired in 2001. The main attraction to Ambergris is its gorgeous Belize Barrier Reef and beaches which pulls lots of tourists annually. The Barrier Reef is considered world second largest coming after Australian’s Great Barrier Reef. The island is accessible through small airstrip serviced by Maya Island Air and Tropic Air or reached by air directly from Belize City and many high-speed ferries.

As a tourist destination of high repute, many attractions bring lots of visitors to the island of Ambergris Caye as mentioned in the following facts.

  • English is the official language: Belize is the only country in Central America English language is widely spoken as the official language.
  • Change its colonial name: Belize was formerly called British Honduras but changed to Belize in 1973.
  • Largest island: Ambergris is hosts the famous Victoria House Beach Resort.
  • Name Origin: The island got its name after large lumps of ambergris, the solid, flammable and waxy substance from sperm whales digestive systems.
  • Home to retirees: Informed retirees find inspiration and a new start in Belize.
  • Urban-grade lifestyle: Its foods and urban supermarkets are comparable to the US, Ambergris Caye parades American style groceries conveniently present across the island which promotes native culture and makes tourists especially from North America feel at home in Belize.
  • Beautiful celebrations: Belize is full of festivities; its nationwide culture and Ambergris Caye presents four unique highly revered occasions – the Costa Maya Festival, San Pedro Day, Township Day and Carnival.
  • Nightlife: From nightclubs, to bars and great restaurants, every tourist must find something so cool to identify with and got busy on a daily basis.
  • Quiet Island: Only fewer cars are allowed; the chief means of infra island transportation are bicycles and golf carts to keep the island safe, silent and quaint.
  • Unique community identities: Every part of Ambergris Caye has its unique characteristic just as you will find in the US; it is highly diverse and so exciting.

Amazing geography with flat, coral Sand Island, a 25 mile-long location protected by a living reef extending over 185 miles down the coast of Belize; Ambergris is home to the unique peninsula of porous limestone. It’s beautiful climate if often a good reason many tourists find Ambergris Caye an excellent destination. The temperature is perfect and accommodating than in most tropical climates. The plethora of Flora and Fauna in Ambergris Caye, much like in Mexico adds to the color of the Island. If you are looking to buy Ambergris Caye real estate or investment properties on the island contact us at REMAX Belize Secret Beach.

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