Getting A Belize Building Permit

 In Belize Construction

One of the most common questions I receive from real estate investors who are looking to maximize their return on investment is, “How do I obtain a building permit in Belize?” Unlike some other countries throughout Central America, the permitting process in Belize is very straightforward, so long as you have the correct documentation prepared for the formal application process.

The Central Building Authority of Belize requires you to submit the following documentation and drawings for approval before you begin construction in Belize:

  • A Site Plan showing property boundaries, adjoining and adjacent roads, easements, alleys and footpaths, the position and nature of all electric power supply lines, the location and size of all water supply and waste disposal lines, and the position of existing and any proposed building or buildings and parking area(s) on the same lot.
  • Floor Plan for each floor of the building(s), including basement or foundation, mezzanines, and roof.
  • Elevations for each face of the building(s), showing relative heights.
  • Electrical (PUC Approved) and plumbing schematic drawings and basic specifications including septic tank, soak-a-way, etc.

There are so many qualified Belizean and American builders in Belize who can handle this for you and assist in building your dream home or investment property. With this information, you should have no issues getting approval from the government to begin construction on your dream home, or rental property, in Belize.

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