15 Reasons to Retire in Belize

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Where can you retire on a beach spending $1500 per month while living the good life? Top of the list would be Belize. This is the tiny country that is found to the south of Mexico and east of Guatemala, on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Belize is breathtakingly beautiful, no wonder its biggest island was nicknamed ‘La Isla Bonita.’

It is hard to believe that you can front row beach property for around $300,000, but this is possible on some of the prime waterfront property in Belize. The good thing is that it is yet to be crowded like the more famous Caribbean destinations. Here is why you should think of retiring in Belize;


Belize Has Affordable Real Estate

If you are looking to buy, you can get beach property for affordable prices as low under $200,000 on 2nd and 3rd-row beach properties. If you are not looking to buy, you can rent for $250-500 per month.


English Is the Primary Language

A majority of the people understand both English and Spanish making it easy to interact with the friendly and welcoming locals.


Natural Beauty & Caribbean Sea

There are plenty of marine attractions including the Great Blue Hole, Belize reef (2nd largest coral in the world) and UNESCO World Heritage Bacalar Chico Marine reserve. The hinterland features mountains covered with rain forests and diverse flora.


Easy Tax & Business Laws

It is easy to open an offshore bank account as well as open a business. Easy tax laws will see you keep most of your money.


British Common Law

Belize law is founded in British Common Law which is the foundation for laws in the US, Canada and the Commonwealth.


Accept US Dollars

The US dollar is widely accepted and pegged at 2 to 1 exchange rate.


Endless Activities & Recreation

There is a lot you can do; go swimming, diving, snorkelling or simply walk on the beach. If you want some cold weather head for the mountains inland.


Friendly People

The people are friendly and always willing to share.


Relaxed Pace of Life

People here tend to do things in a more relaxed manner. There are 15 different holidays in a year. Easter holiday lasts 5 days.


Large Expat Community

More and more people from the US and Canada are opting to retire in Belize.


Stable Economy

The vibrant economy is driven by world banking and tourism and has the lowest inflation rate in the Caribbean.


Low Cost of Living

A couple can comfortably live on $1,500 per month.  Bills, food and entertainment expenses are a fraction of what is in the US or UK.


Close to Home

Guests from the US can visit you as Belize is only 3 hours away by flight.


Opportunities to Invest

The vibrant tourism, agriculture and finance industries offer money-making opportunities.


Live Longer

Retire to a life of great outdoors, fresh food from the farm and sea for a longer healthier life. 

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