7 Benefits of Investing in Belize Real Estate

 In Belize Real Estate, Investing In Belize

Belize is located in the Central American on the eastern coast bordered on the north by Mexico, on the south-west by Guatemala and the Caribbean Sea is on its eastern border. It has an estimate area size of 22,800 square kilometers with a population estimate of 387,879 (2017). The country has diverse ecosystems and abundance of terrestrial and marine life.

Belize is diversely rich in culture, language and social diversity that underscore its rich history in global perspectives and Central America. Its official language is English and indeed the only English speaking country in Central America, but other languages such as Kriol is widely spoken along with others like Spanish, German, Mandarin, African-based Garifuna are some of the other languages you will come across in the country.

Due to its cultural diversity, robust economy and friendly climates, Belize is an excellent real estate destination for people looking for safe real estate investment. The country offers to enable real estate investment for private and organized investors through friendly legislation. The following are some of the benefits you will get when you invest in the country.

  1. Tax incentives: Belize real estate offers up to 10 years tax holiday for an investor in the economy. Whether you need land for real estate development or want to setup agro-industrial facility, you can work with a relevant tax consultant to take advantage of this provision.
  1. Favorable investment climate: Belize is an investment destination where your investment is always guaranteed. The country export processing zones comply with international best practice and offer more incentives with the goal to encourage foreign and local investors to do business in the country.
  1. Low cost of living: The most attraction of the real estate investment to many Belize inhabitants is the fact that it costs so much less to live in the country compared to anywhere around. You are guaranteed living well on up to $1000 per month, and the take-home salary and wage are not bad at all.
  1. Asset protection for foreign investors: Investing in Belize real estate is guaranteed state protection because there is relevant legislation that provides for the safety of your investment.
  1. Low real estate investment: A beachfront home in Belize can go as low as $100,000 as opposed to exorbitant upfront investment costs in other countries.
  1. Location advantage: Location is essential in real estate investment. Belize has the attraction, and its location in Central America is worth the investment. It’s a short ride by air to major airports in the US, and surrounding countries. It has favorable transportation system including sea and land. The favorable climatic condition also adds to the location advantage.
  1. Best place for retirees: Many retirees will find Belize an attractive place to continue life without worries. If affords low-cost housing investment, protects your real estate investment for continued income generation and it offers affordable cost of living. Also, there is a special legislation called Qualified Retired Persons Incentive Act, 1999 that protects retirees’ real estate investment from across the world in Belize.

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