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Are you looking to travel to Belize in the near future? If so, you’re not alone: it is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world for everyone looking for some fun and relaxation in one of the most beautiful places to stay and visit. If you’re like most travelers, then you no doubt want to know the answer to this very important question: when is the best time to travel to Belize? The following guide will help you decide on when you should travel to Belize based on what you’d like to do there as well as your personal preferences regarding weather and temperature.


Belize Travel in Summer

Summertime is actually the “off season’ for Belize, since the weather is hotter and more humid than the winter and spring months. The summer is the best time to visit when you are interested in underwater activities like scuba diving, since the water is calmer in the summer compared to the cooler seasons. Hotels and other accommodations are cheaper during the summertime, and you can often find great deals on certain activities since tours and attractions are trying to draw in more visitors. The primary drawback to visiting during the off season is that some tours and attractions may not be open or may not be open very much; make sure you check before you visit to see what is currently operating and what is shut down for the reason.


Belize Travel in Winter

Winter in Belize is cool and dry–and also one of the most tourist-heavy times of the year for Belize. The most tourists show up between December and January, as they are typically people looking to take breaks from their cold winters in a warmer locale like Belize. Hotels are more expensive during this time of the year, so you’ll need to keep that in mind. However, more tours and attractions are running during this tourist season, so if you are looking to do specific things that are only open when other tourists tend to be out and about, this is the best time to visit.


Belize Travel in Spring

Spring is another peak tourist season for Belize, specifically around Easter time. Springtime in Belize tends to be dry and warm without being exceptionally hot, which makes it a popular time of year for tourists to flock to Belize’s many beaches and other water activities.


Rainy Season

Another thing you need to consider is Belize’s rainy season, which goes from about June to November. The rainy season is considered the “off season” for Belize, as tourists are less common and some attractions and areas are closed due to lack of tourists as well as the frequent rainfall. Sometimes entire sections of Belize’s public roadways as well as caves, parks and other remote areas may be closed due to conditions caused by the rainy season.


Travelling to Belize

If you plan to visit Belize in the near future, you should first decide what you want to do while you are in Belize, as this will help you make an informed choice about when to visit.

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