Top 3 Real Estate Deals In Belize Today

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With all the latest attention going to the Secret Beach area on Ambergris Caye, we are seeing the tipping point for significant growth and equity appreciation, and the buzz of the area is really taking off. In the past 4 months, we have had some serious developments that have made the surrounding area (specifically these 3 properties) extremely attractive. They are as follows:

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for his $240 Million dollar Eco resort located just a couple miles off the coast of Secret Beach has been approved. This is the most important sign for any major development being done.
  2. Four new commercial properties have opened up for business, including bars and restaurants, sparking even more attention from beach lovers and tourists.
  3. The government has discussed the plans to begin a beach expansion in the area that will solidify it as the premier beach in Belize, as well as the development of a North Ambergris Caye airport.

We’re so excited about all these announcements that we have personally invested in this area and begun to develop some homes on the adjacent properties to these three deals. That’s another reason we are so confident properties values will see an IMMEDIATE jump.

First is Parcel 7956: Located roughly a mile and a half away from Secret Beach. This lot is directly at the core of the off-beach development. With optional seller financing, this property has a very low barrier to entry and is priced at $29,000 with a motivated seller. This property also has an adjacent lot that is also available, giving you opportunities to consolidate for a larger parcel. Or, for investors looking for a potential future use, investment in two premier development lots.

Ambergris Woods Lot 10 is located just a few hundred yards away from secret beach. With the upcoming secret beach expansion and road that is being planned directly from Ambergris Woods to Secret Beach, this lot will see immediate equity appreciation once these are complete.

Parcel 9008: A larger lot of 1.38 acres that is located in the second row on the West Coast. This piece could be used for a larger compound or divided into 10 smaller lots and sold off individually. For a lot this close to the beach at this size priced at $65,000, this is arguably one of the best deals available in Belize.

For more info on any of the above deals feel free to email me back with your objectives and I’m happy to help!

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