Using Belize Real Estate as a Strategic Investment Strategy

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Belize Real Estate: A Strategic Investment Strategy During Economically Tough Times

Recessions are not a new thing, they are part of any economy. The US just came off a long bullish market. Just because a recession happens, doesn’t mean investment stops, strategic investors look to new avenues and leverage cost-effective ways to place capital.

When economies turn, people no longer look for Return on Investment, they look for Return of Investment. They start looking for investments and strategies around;

  • Wealth Preservation
  • Asset Protection
  • Tax Optimization


Benefits of Offshore Investment in Belize

  1. Diversification: It is always important to diversify investment, but that is even more true during economically challenging times. Diversifying across asset types, markets, and even currencies is essential for wealth preservation and hedging your investment. Diversification into a hard asset like real estate protects your investment and hedges against the volatility of the stock market.
  2. Find Deals in an Unsaturated Market: By expanding your reach and your investment into an emerging market (like Belize), investors can broaden their opportunities and find diamonds in the rough, and undervalued assets.
  3. Less Saturation & Competition: A relatively new market, like Belize, has less competition. Real estate in Belize is a tangible offshore asset that can help shield an investor from the volatility of market swings.
  4. Bigger Upside: Growth in offshore emerging markets has the potential to outpace growth in developed economies like the US, where populations are getting older and growing slowly.
  5. Residency: Property ownership can grant residency. In Belize, you can qualify for “Investment Residency” through real estate investment. With the state of the current market, Belize can provide a safe haven for those hoping to escape the current state of uncertainty. Through the residency, you can protect your current assets and help secure your future.


Why Belize?

  • Low Carrying & Holding Cost.
  • With Fee-Simple Title You Own the Property Outright as a Tangible Asset.
  • Belize is a Tax Haven
  • An Appreciating Asset in a Desirable Destination


3 Drivers of the Belize Market

  1. Tourism (Increasing year-over-year with over 500,000 overnight tourists in 2019)
  2. Baby Boomers (Retiring in Belize)
  3. An Exodus of Capital (Money leaving the US & Canada)

People assume that real estate values in the US reflect on the global market; when in reality, there are many markets that thrive.

During economically slow times, many investors look at tangible assets like real estate and gold. During periods of uncertainty and economic stress, it is important to look at getting not only Return on Investment but also Return of investment.

Property in Belize is a cost-effective way to get both. Real Estate on Ambergris Caye provides investors a means to own a finite commodity that is a tangible real asset with future demand.

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