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If you have ever traveled to Belize or you plan to travel there in the near future, then you have no doubt heard rumors and whispers about Secret Beach. But what is Secret Beach? How do you get there? And what is so amazing about it? Let’s take a closer look at this unique Belize destination to find out how to get to Secret Beach & why you need to visit it when you are in Belize.


What is Secret Beach?

Secret Beach is often called Belize’s “worst kept secret.” It is a beach that is located in Ambergris Caye. Although it is no longer a true secret, it is still a beach that is far enough off the beaten path in the popular Ambergris Caye area that you will be able to escape from the crowds and enjoy a more laid back, peaceful beach morning or afternoon. Secret Beach is located north of San Pedro Town on the West Coast of Ambergris Caye. The beaches remote location combined with the calm west coast Carribean sea make it one of the best beaches in Belize. Even though Secret Beach is no longer a true secret, it can still be annoying for first-time tourists to find their way to the beach. When visiting Secret Beach you won’t have total privacy! But you will be able to enjoy a more relaxed, chilled vibe.


How Do You Get to Secret Beach?

To get to Secret Beach, you have two options: rent a taxi, rent a golf cart and drive yourself or boat over. A taxi is the most expensive route, as you will likely pay more than $100 for a round-trip fare. If you arrive yourself or rent a golf cart, you’ll need to get directions from a local as you head out of town. If you do decide to take a taxi, make sure you ask them if they know how to get to Secret Beach before you head out—and negotiate a final price if you can. Getting to Secret Beach by boat is another option, you can either boat around the southern part of Ambergris Caye or go under the bridge just north of downtown San Pedro.


Why People Love Secret Beach

Secret Beach is best known for its laid back atmosphere and beautiful waters, which are clear blue, warm and perfect for walking and swimming. Just remember that there isn’t a lifeguard, so make sure you practice common sense and don’t go swimming when the weather is bad.

Popular things to do at Secret Beach include sitting underneath palapas reading books or napping; eating snacks from the local food trucks nearby or even having a meal. There are a variety of local bars that serve food and drinks. You can enjoy the atmosphere while listening to music. You can bring your own food to save money, but you’ll need to buy something from the local restaurants if you want to enjoy the privilege of eating your meal on their water lounge chairs!

Secret Beach’s popularity has led to more and more businesses catered to tourism opening up. You can rent jet skis, try out watersports, venture out to the sand bar or just chill on the beach. At Secret Beach, you can also rent local paddleboards, kayaks or canoes if you want to head out on the water. There are even nearby caves to explore if you are up for an adventure.

During the high tourist season, the beach does get more of a “local party” vibe, so keep this in mind when you travel. The beach is quieter on weekdays earlier in the day, and louder and more ‘party’ heavy on weekends towards the evening.

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