5 Things To Do Before Moving To Belize

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Now that you’ve got your vacation or investment property in Belize, it’s time to prepare for your move! It’s an exciting time for you so in order to make sure you have everything in order, we’ve prepared some helpful tips on what you should do before you make the big move.


1 – Get Your Pets Ready

If you have any pets, you’ll want to definitely take them with your to live in paradise in your investment property in Belize, so there are a few things you’ll need to do to get them ready. Make an appointment with the vet to get them checked out and up-to-date on all of their shots. If they aren’t microchipped, it’s recommended you do it before you leave. Before entering Belize, any pets must be vaccinated for rabies 30 days or one year before the move. You’ll also want them to get vaccinated for more things and do the same for any cats you have. Also, your pet must have a Veterinary Certificate for Belize that can be given by a licensed vet within 14 days of entry.


2 – Go See Your Doctor

After you’ve got your pet to the vet, it’s time to see the doctor yourself to get any vaccinations you need. You should also see if you’re immunizations are correct and your doctor might give you vaccines against Hepatitis A or B or typhoid. Get a copy for your medical records to share with a new doctor in Belize and don’t forget to get any meds refilled before you make the final move.


3 – Forward Your Mail

It’s important that you give out your new address in Belize to friends and family and forward your mail, too. You can set up a P.O. Box and collect it whenever you’re in the country, have it forwarded to someone that you trust back home or sign up for expatriate mail service to get your mail while in Belize.


4 – Figure Out Your Banking

You can continue banking with your current financial institution after the move, but just let them know that you are moving and to release you from blocks on out-of-the-country purchases you make. Or you can find a bank in Belize to switch your money to or simply have both! Keep your current bank for all bills and then get a new one to purchase things while down in Belize.


5 – What Will You Do With Your Belongings

You can either take the majority of things you already own or buy new furniture for your new place in Belize. Your current belongings can either be stored away until you figure out what to do with them later or give them to friends and family. A yard sale might also be a good idea if you’re looking to fun your new furniture in Belize!

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