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Are you considering moving to Belize soon? 

Belize is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with pristine beaches, perfect weather and friendly people. The lifestyle here is decidedly relaxed and laidback. 

But the question is, how is the Belize education system like? If you are a parent, this is the #1 thing you will want to know before buying property in Belize. 


What You Need to Know About the Belize Education System

The education system here is based on the British system. This is because Belize was once a British colony. But the academic syllabus has been liberally borrowed from the education system in the United States.  

There is a strong influence of Jesuits over Belize, as most people here are Roman Catholic. Jesuits have built some of the best schools around the world. Jesuit schools have a strong emphasis on discipline and respect for teachers. 

Most of the schools here are run by the Catholic Church. There are a few decent schools run by Anglicans and Methodists as well. 



Over 66 percent of the population of Belize is comprised of teens or young people. The government invests a significant part of its budget on education for this reason. There are many schools here that are run by the government in partnership with the Catholic Church. 

The schools in Belize use the same grading system as in the United States – grade 1 to 12.  Many schools here are not suitable for children of expats. They have mostly unqualified teachers and lack adequate infrastructure. 

Fortunately, there are more than a few decent schools and colleges in Belize where your children can get a high-quality education, comparable to an average public school in the United States, the UK and Canada. 


Examples of Good Schools in Belize

Belize has many schools targeted at children of non-residents or expats. The medium of instruction in all schools is English. The cost of education varies from $500 to $3,000 a year. 

Belize City

Belize High School (BHS) is one of the best schools in Belize City. It is a non-profit institution with a college preparatory focused curriculum. 

Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker Ocean Academy is a private school in Belize City run by the Catholic Church. The grades offered are from 9 to 12. Students are taught from a biblical perspective.


QSI International School of Belize is one of the best schools in Belmopan. This school offers classes to children in the age group of 5 to 13.  QSI employs only highly educated teachers. Their curriculum includes Math, English, Art, Music, Science, Cultural Studies and Physical Education. 

 San Pedro Town

San Pedro High School is one of the best schools on the island of San Pedro. Many expats live in this town, many of whom are employed in the tourism or real estate business. This school has a strong focus on skill development and preparing students for a role in the local business sector. 

Island Academy is one of the best private schools in Belize. It is based out of the island of San Pedro. They provide high-quality education and charge $3,000 per year as fees.

Other notable mentions include Saint Catherine’s Academy in Belize City and Mount Carmel High School in Benque Viejo. 

If you have any questions on the Belize education system or need help with buying property in Belize, do get in touch with WILL MITCHELL of REMAX Belize Secret Beach. Will has helped several people find their dream home in Belize.

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